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Hear Your Truth. Make Decisions. Take Action.

A 3 Days & 3 Nights Private Coaching Retreat.

In The Stunning Beauty Of North Ibiza 



What the year 2020 has been so far. And who knows how it will end. It has certainly woken us up to the things that we care most about. And has shone a light on the distractions that stopped us from seeing clearly.


It's not just the lockdown and the immediate things we miss or have a new appreciation for. It's the bigger questions that we are being invited to ask about how we really want to live, work and love. I don't know about you but I feel a new sense of urgency to waste no time in making this a reality. And that was the spark for Brave Bootcamp. 

Maybe you feel stirred up, know that something needs to change, but don't quite know what or how.

Perhaps you already have an idea of what to change but are unsure how to make it real.

You might know exactly what needs to be done but something's stopping you from doing it.

Whatever it is, there's a pull to live, work and love in ways that are aligned to who you really are.

A life that gives you what you actually need.


Life is too short for anything else, so come and make it happen. 





It's easy to live a comfortable life. Many take that road.

But for those that find the courage to follow what they know they need, the rewards are great.


This private retreat is designed to give you the maximum support to find that courage.

Arrive Thursday afternoon, leave Sunday afternoon.

Doing the work on you with a programme specifically created for you.

Feel inspired and empowered by the breath-taking beauty of the island.

Stay in my serene private seafront property with beaches a few minutes away.

Getting clarity, confidence and momentum in the tranquillity of Ibiza's stunning nature. 


Step 1: Download this brochure which has more detail on

how the retreat programme and the cost for the coaching experience.

Step 2: Schedule a call with me so we can talk together

about what Brave Bootcamp needs to look like to best support your brave journey

Step 3: Reserve your weekend retreat anytime from August 1st with a small deposit.

This is refundable should travel disruption be the reason for cancellation. 




Not ready to travel but want to commit to change?


You can book onto my Courageous Conversations At Home package

to help sustain the momentum for change. More information here.

Schedule a call with me so we can talk together

about how this can support you to get started on the journey NOW!

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