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Rachel Humphrey, London

I started working with Letesia at the beginning of lockdown as I looked ahead to navigate the changes that were inevitably going to occur due to Coronavirus. I wanted to use my time to think about the life I wanted to create and what work would look like alongside that. My sessions with Letesia felt like a mental retreat and gave me space to really think through my past, what I have accomplished and what I now had to offer. 


She unearthed some real long-standing insecurities I was holding on to and helped me see myself in a new and powerful way. I feel like I have grown so much and my time with Letesia was truly valuable during a really uncertain time. I now have become self-employed, which was always the goal but I needed the push and right guidance to do it, and have started recruiting a really exciting client roster. I feel secure and reassured that I can continue to work with Letesia to continue to develop and guide me. 

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