Sarah Pang, London

Letesia’s been coaching me for over a year now. I kind of see it as PT for my life and I feel as though I’ve exercised the muscles to the point that I’ve made a real change to my outlook and how I approach life. Colleagues and friends have recognised this change and can even spot the days I’ve had a session. I come out of sessions feeling grounded, motivated and confident in owning my actions. Letesia gently guides the sessions with frameworks to help shine a spotlight for me to find and work out the answers. She’s helped me untangle my thoughts, hopes and anxieties to get to a long term vision plan that feels tangible and do-able. As someone who has had anxieties about time passing and failing life’s script, I’m excited about taking on the future. She’s also really helped me with advice, practical tools and exercises to address immediate actions and goals. Preparing for that big client meeting or interview, how to manage a challenging relationship at work etc. I’ve come to recognise that working with an experienced professional who is dedicated to shoulder the weight of my happiness and future is very different to the support you can get from friends, family and colleagues. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for having met and worked with Letesia.

Company Number: 06943060

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