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Who are you really behind the mask?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Are you familiar with the enneagram?

It's the master of self-insight tools that gives wisdom into who you are and why you are the

way you are. But unlike other tests, like Myers Briggs personality tests, it offers a more

spiritual and meaningful perspective on what it means to be you as a flawed human being

trying to find their way through life.

It goes right to the heart of the two things that determine our life paths. The biggest fear

holding us back and the magic we each have to offer the world if we do the work on us to live authentically.

There are 9 profiles and often we can be a combination on a few. I, for example, am a 378. I'm a mix of Achiever, Enthusiast and Challenger. My gifts to the world are truth, freedom and

challenging the status quo. The biggest fear I've had to work through is the fear of failure and

not feeling valued.

This episode from Brene Browns podcast covers the enneagram and I think you'll really enjoy

working out which profile fits you.

If you are on any kind of journey to better understand yourself, it's a must!

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