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A letter from your future self

How to use these uncertain times for good.

As a coach, I subscribe to the view that every one of us is resourceful, creative and whole. We have everything that we need to propel us forward and never has that been truer than during these last 6 weeks. Amidst all of the challenge, stress and fear that comes with an unprecedented global crisis, it’s been a time of great learning about our potential as people, with a possibility for growth that rarely comes our way.

If we are open to it, there’s a golden opportunity for us to use this time to get some real clarity on who we are, what we value and what we really want from our lives. Despite the upheaval and challenge, this imposed ‘Pause Button’ also gives a space for us to ask questions of ourselves to get clarity like never before.

What we have seen is that we are very capable of making change. We can adapt, evolve, reimagine, recreate. In the click of a finger, we’ve found solutions to new problems, be it how to manage homeschooling the kids, or managing to work at home or finding ways to exercise in the confines of our homes. Our creativity is shining through as we are finding new ways to support ourselves and each other through this with zoom parties, Facebook support groups, generous acts for our neighbours, friends and communities. We’re embracing collaboration in new ways because our sanity, safety and survival depend on it.

We have learned about our needs and values in a whole new way. Are we having a dreamy introvert experience, or a stimulus deprived extrovert one? What are we noticing about the quality of our relationships and our ability to be open-hearted and vulnerable in them? How are priorities changing as we become clearer on what really makes us happy? What has this uncertainty and fragility made you wake up to the reality that something needs to change?

So, I’m inviting you to participate in an experiment with me. I’d like you to imagine that we are 3 years in the future, and you have written a letter to yourself which you open today, in 2020. This letter describes the life you now lead because of all the different choices you made as a result of the opportunity that the coronavirus provided to you.

In this letter, you have considered:

All of the things that used to put up with in life that needed to change

The new insights you gleaned about what truly makes you happy

The lightness you felt of things in letting go of the things that were no longer important

How you made changes to include all the things that were missing from your life

My prediction is that when this is over, there will be two camps of people. Those who can’t wait to get back to their comfort zone of life before CV, and those who will have new momentum and energy to make changes in their life because of it. There’s no judgement about which camp you fall into, but if you want to be in the latter, then go ahead and put pen to paper. This letter will definitely help you take this from thinking into doing.

This energy, momentum and clarity will fade. Make the most of this unique time to give yourself the best opportunity to get what you really want. I wish you well.

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